Vanderbilt assistant responds angrily after Butch Jones references stadium size in tweet

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — We’ve scrupulously documented the various Twitter tussles involving Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin (here and here, for example), but now Vandy assistants are getting into the act.

This Vandy-UT game on Nov. 23 is going to be a lot of fun.

Here’s how the latest social media drama started.

After Tennessee’s Orange & White Game ended on Saturday, Butch Jones tweeted out thanks to the fans who attended. He followed up immediately with this tweet.

My belief is that this is fairly innocuous. I don’t think it was meant as a shot at Vanderbilt or anyone else. Remember, Jones came up in the ranks at Central Michigan, a little-known MAC school. Even at Cincinnati, Jones’ stadium seated only about 35,000 and only sold out about half the time (and that was a dramatic improvement from years past).

But some thought Jones was taking a shot at Vanderbilt. After all, the Commodores appear to be only the SEC team without a 60,000-capacity stadium.

About 90 minutes after Jones’ tweet, Vandy receivers coach and offensive recruiting coordinator Josh Gattis weighed in.

Wow, that escalated quickly.

One fan responded that Gattis should get back to him when Vandy does that 15 years in a row. The response from Gattis? “Please press play, not rewind.”

There you have it. With seven months left until the teams meet on the field and some potential recruiting battles still to come, there’s plenty of time for this burgeoning rivalry to fester.

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