Tennessee football practice spring standouts (with new video)

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The best way to find out who is catching the coaches’ attention in practice?

Ask them.

The media had our weekly visit with assistant coaches after Thursday’s practice, the final one before spring break. (You can read other coverage from today here and here.)

When coaches are given an open-ended question about players, the  first name out of their mouths is the one I go with. Given enough time, coaches usually hit the entire roster in the name of diplomacy.

So who is standing out? Here are some names we heard:

* Receiver Cody Blanc.

Receivers coach Zach Azzanni said he made some nice catches in Saturday’s scrimmage and is learning well in practice.

* Reserve offensive lineman Mack Crowder.

Offensive line coach Don Mahoney said he’s stood out on the second team.

* Senior linebacker Channing Fugate.

Linebackers coach Tommy Thigpen listed him first among the group of veterans competing for more playing time this year.

* Junior defensive back Justin Coleman.

After lamenting poor tackling, defensive coordinator John Jancek identified Coleman as among those who have shown “good fundamentals.”

* Senior linebacker Brent Brewer

Both Thigpen and Jancek praised Brewer’s leadership and attitude during the transition to a new position.

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