Butch Jones says former coaches Dickey, Majors, Fulmer have been ‘extremely supportive’

phillip-fulmer-hof.jpgKNOXVILLE, Tennessee — New Tennessee coach Butch Jones said he’s already spoken to three former coaches who were the face of Vols football for nearly three decades.

Jones said he spoke with Doug Dickey (1964-1969), Johnny Majors (1977-1992) and Phillip Fulmer (1992-2008) shortly after being hired.

“They’ve been extremely supportive,” Jones said Sunday night on “The Nation” sports radio show. “We have such a great tradition here, and I want to embrace that. I want our players to understand what they’re representing when they put that Power T on. That’s going to be at the core of our program — our tradition and how we build on that.”

Jones has reached out to other influential UT figures since being hired. Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart said Jones took a list of names and numbers with him while he traveled the state recruiting last week, trying to use his downtime to make contact with trustees, boosters and other friends of the program.

Jones didn’t say whether he had spoken to former coach Derek Dooley, who was let go in November, but it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that Jones or other candidates spoke to Dooley during the interview process.

Vols football coaches since 1964
1964-1969: Doug Dickey, 46-15-4
1970-1976: Bill Battle, 59-22-2
1976-1992: Johnny Majors, 116-62-8
1992-2008: Phillip Fulmer, 152-52
2009: Lane Kiffin, 7-6
2010-2012: Derek Dooley, 15-21
2012: Jim Chaney, 1-0

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4 thoughts on “Butch Jones says former coaches Dickey, Majors, Fulmer have been ‘extremely supportive’

  1. Anonymous

    Battle , Majors and Fulmer were all fired with some of the best overall records in college football. For some reason this does not seem right.

  2. tennborn

    I will never understand why the powers that be, would release Phil Fulmer and his associates, this undoubly was the best set of coaches to come to VOL Nation since Johnny Majors….The powers that be is the main reason our program went downhill. Phil and his crew had the best years of Tenn., football in the country…

  3. tennborn

    One more note, in order for us to get back to prominence in the NCAA Football Sphere is to get fully behind Coach Jones, I am a diehard VOLS fan and watched the Cincy Bearcats rise from the depths to be a powerful team under his guide….The main thing they gave Louisville all it wanted and then some…..(yuk yuk). SEC VOLS should return to a great powerhouse as we all know and love to see again…Next thing recruiting we need to sure up our QB position (ASAP), we will have some good running backs available, wide receivers a position to be filled because of the void we may have if these top two receivers jump to the NFL…..Recruit a QB for the future or possibly NOW…..

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