Butch Jones’ Twitter surges in popularity, then goes blank

butch-jones-presser.JPGKNOXVILLE, Tennessee — New Tennessee football coach Butch Jones has embraced Twitter, posting updates about his first few days on the job and frequently interacting with fans.

Within days, Jones had surpassed 50,000 followers, making him the fourth-most followed head coach in the country.

Then, on Thursday night, he reached a new distinction.

His account was suspended by Twitter. Going to @UTCoachJones profile on Twitter gives you a blank page saying, “The profile you are trying to view has been suspended.”

It’s not clear why the account was suspended. There was no spam sent from the account before it was offline, nor was it “hacked.” Twitter says accounts are sometimes suspended for “aggressive following behaviors.”

It’s possible that Jones — or more likely, a helpful staff member — started “aggressively following” other accounts related to UT football and Twitter, sensing the possibility of a ‘bot, automatically shut the account down.

Twitter offers a process to appeal the account suspension here

A UT spokesperson wasn’t sure what caused the suspension but hoped it would soon be resolved.

In the meantime, plenty of other UT football coaches are on Twitter — including @UTCoachJancek, @UTCoachElder, @UTCoachGraham and others. Let’s hope they learn from their boss’s mistake and choose followers more judiciously.

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