Tennessee’s Derek Dooley talks about post-game call from Dave Hart

Thumbnail image for derek-dooley-tennesssee-ncstate.JPGKNOXVILLE, Tennessee — A day after falling to 0-5 in the SEC with a loss at South Carolina, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley got a phone call from his boss.

If a chill went down his spine on Sunday when Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart called, Dooley didn’t acknowledge it.

“I hadn’t talked to him after the game. We usually talk on Mondays. He wanted to make sure that I understood that he wasn’t going to be in Monday,” Dooley said. “We had our normal conversation about the game and what lies ahead.”

Dooley relayed the story Wednesday night on Nashville radio station 104.5 The Zone.

Host Clay Travis asked Dooley directly whether he expected to keep his job if the Vols win the final four games of the regular season.

“I really do not think about that,” Dooley said. “And I mean that. Any of that stuff is beyond my control. All that’s going to do is bring a lot of anxiety to me, the team, all that, which is unnecessary. It’s so important that we just maintain our focus on what’s next and go 1-0, and that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

3 thoughts on “Tennessee’s Derek Dooley talks about post-game call from Dave Hart

  1. Hydro

    Of course he doesn’t worry about his job. For most of us losing our job means bad times ahead for our family especially in a bad economy. For him it means a 5 million enrichment. He can return to law or just manage his investments. If he stays he gets an undeserved pay raise to 2.1million. Pretty sweet either way.

  2. Polly

    We live in North Carolina, but have always been TN Vols fans because the university is so much closer to us than our universities in the Raleigh/Durham area. We attended yesterday’s game, and I had forgotten how hard TN fans are on their coaches. I was impressed, however, by the article in “Tennessee Playbook” where Coach Dooley is ‘determined to make immediate strides in changing the culture of the program”. The VFL program is following the personal growth of the student-athelete, encompassing the athlete’s character, personal finance, life skills, career development. I would hope that all Vol fans would want this for any student of UT, certainly including the atheletes. I just hope you would give him the support your have given Pat Summitt in the ladies basketball program. That’s all any coach could ever hope for. Keep up the good work UT….

  3. dmack

    how long do we have to put up with this brand of football. sal is the worst defensive co. this schoo has ever had. bring back fulmer.

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