Tennessee coach Derek Dooley’s potential buyout: The raw numbers


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — It’s no secret that Derek Dooley’s contract buyout is expensive.

But what about the rest of his staff?

We broke down the numbers in today’s News Sentinel. At a minimum, UT will owe $5.6 million. The total could grow by another $3.7 million depending on how quickly assistant coaches find jobs and how much they are paid in their new positions.

But the details add some context. Contrary to popular belief, there is no lump-sum payment. All the money would be paid out monthly over the life of the contracts. And most assistant coaches should be able to find other jobs to defray the amount owed by Tennessee.

Want a complete breakdown of the money Tennessee would owe if Dooley and his staff were dismissed in early December? Here it is, down to (almost) the penny: Buyout spreadsheet.

2 thoughts on “Tennessee coach Derek Dooley’s potential buyout: The raw numbers


    The 5.6 million sounds like a lot of money until you consider missing 2,3, or 4 post season bowls at 2 million or so each, maybe more if it’s a BCS bowl. Not to mention the fan dissatisfaction, after all they pay the bills. Also the embaressment of giving up 48 points to a team such as Troy.
    This is terrible considering the football history of the Tenn teams, money spent on facilities, recruiting, etc. Spend the money and get a coach!!!

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