Tennessee preps for scrimmage in Johnson City on Day 2 of trip

vols-practice-0810-brimer.jpgJOHNSON CITY, Tennessee — The first Tennessee football practice at Milligan College will likely come on Monday, when the weather looks like it will be sunny and clear here in northeastern Tennessee.

In the meantime, the Vols will scrimmage today at Science Hill High School before taking an off-day for meetings and video work Sunday.

Dooley wasn’t pleased with Day 1 on the road, as you can in today’s extensive coverage on GoVolsXtra, but today promises a new day.

Now let’s get to the 11…

1. I already used this quote from Derek Dooley, but it was so good that it bears repeating. Every once in a while, he’ll drop a fabulous quote on us.
“When it’s ball time, you have to be a baller. You can’t come up here, hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’ the whole time. We have to go practice.”
2. What will Dooley be looking for in today’s scrimmage? Let’s start with the lines. Dooley said he wants the defensive to be more aggressive and push the offensive unit, which has looked good over the last week.
3. Dooley wants to see the linebackers “quarterbacking” the defense in the scrimmage.
4. Tennessee got a commitment Friday from athlete Jalen Reeves-Maybin of Clarksville. Our friends at GoVols247 have all the info on him, and we’ll look at Reeves-Maybin in greater depth on this blog in the coming days.
5. Pre-Snap Read does some really good stuff, and this Vols’ preview is worth checking out. UT comes in at No. 28, by the way.
6. A lot of people have wondered about the “security” of today’s scrimmage. We saw plenty of fans watching practice from two hills overlooking the stadium. I even saw a fairly detailed (and actually quite interesting) “practice report”  from a fan who watched all of Friday’s practice.
My best guess is that any gawkers will be asked nicely to move on. But I’m not sure.
7. Even when he’s only got one good arm, Cordarrelle Patterson is fun to watch. He caught punts gracefully with one hand in practice Friday. He’s nursing a sore right shoulder and I imagine he’s unlikely to see contact today in the scrimmage.
8. I’d never been to Johnson City before, but this high school is pretty huge. The enrollment is reportedly close to 3,000, and the post-school traffic jam was something to behold.
“A lot of guys didn’t think it was a high school,” said senior linebacker Herman Lathers. “I thought it was a JUCO.”
9. As I noted in today’s paper, Science Hill’s enrollment is more than double that of Milligan College.
10. Some schools actually provide stats from their closed scrimmages. I don’t think Tennessee does that, which is fine. There’s always some degree of skepticism about stats provided for something that you’re not allowed to witness. For example, if Star Quarterback throws four interceptions, do you think that would make the box score? Or maybe they’d adjust it to two or three? Maybe it would be completely accurate, but you never know.
EDIT: The Vols do distribute post-scrimmage stats! (And I found them to be accurate based on what people who viewed the scrimmage told us).
11. The toughest assignment in camp? How about redshirt freshman offensive lineman Mack Crowder having to run into 360-something pound juco transfer Daniel McCullers several times a day?
“He’s a big guy, and he’s got about 100 pounds on me, so he’s a little hard to move, but he’s making us all better, Crowder said. “It’s like hitting a wall. I fired off as hard as I could, but he didn’t move anywhere. You just hope to move him off the ball at least one yard.”
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