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News Sentinel cancelling ‘Snuffy Smith’

The results of our latest comics survey are in, and they weren’t good for “Snuffy Smith,” the long-running strip about an Appalachian hillbilly and his clan.
bgoogle_snuffy.jpgStarting Monday, Snuffy will be gone from the comics pages along with four other strips: “Dustin,” “Monty,” “Curtis” and “Rose is Rose.” They’ll be replaced by four new comics: “Big Nate,” “Deflocked,” “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” and “Knight Life.” By popular demand, we also are bringing back “Baldo,” which we cancelled last year.
I expect Snuffy to be the most controversial of the changes, because the comic has been around so long and because it has a regional theme. My Sunday column, which follows as an extended entry, reflects on the history of the old hillbilly.

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