New obit page pleases readers — mostly

The News Sentinel changed its format for obituaries starting last Sunday. The new presentation makes it easier for families to clip and preserve the obits. Mostly the reaction has been great:

News Sentinel's new-look obit page

News Sentinel’s new-look obit page

  • Love the new obits format! Much easier to scan and read.
  • The bigger print in the obits. kind of jumps out at me a little much… but the larger print works well in classified’s. To all at the News Sentinel – good work on this edition!
  • I would like to compliment you on as of March 1,2015, the new print on the obituary column. I really like the new format. It is so much easier to read. And it seems to be in a larger print. Thank you for your awesome job on editing the paper.

But you can’t please everyone. I also got this note:

  • McElroy, please let me express my EXTREME DISPLEASURE with your new obituary format. I find it very offensive and undignified.  I have been in the habit of reading the obituaries every day since the late seventies when I was a pharmacist for the Knox County Clinic at UT Hospital (which predated the Health Department).  Now I cannot even look at the page.  If old people with bad eyesight could not read the obits, they need to get new glasses.  WHY did you do this? My husband has instructions that if you still have this format when I die, he should print my obit in the Morgan County News.