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Amy Dickinson back in News Sentinel

Last year, in a budget-tightening move, the News Sentinel pulled Amy Dickinson’s daily advice column and replaced it with another columnist we already were receiving as part of a syndicated features bundled deal.

Amy Dickinson

Amy Dickinson

As it turned out, not all advice columnists are created equal. Over the next several weeks we continued to get complaints from readers who missed Amy’s insightful, intelligent and highly readable responses to readers’ concerns.

So now “Ask Amy” is back in the paper, prompting this note from a reader:

“Several weeks (months) ago, I contacted you to express my disappointment that the Ask Amy column had been replaced.  I received an email reply stating that editorial content is continually reviewed and that reader reaction is continually under consideration.  I assumed that there would be no hope of restoring the Ask Amy column anytime soon.  It appears I was under false assumption.

“Thank you for listening to the readers (at least this one).  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to read Amy Dickinson’s columns and benefit from her professional, common-sense approach to living in this ever challenging world.”