Jamie Satterfield launches legal-affairs blog

The News Sentinel’s legal affairs expert, Jamie Satterfield, has started a blog that she’s dubbed “Lady Justice Unmasked.” Here’s how she describes its mission:

Jamie Satterfield

Jamie Satterfield

“Have you ever wondered how Cain got away with offing his brother? (Murder wasn’t on the books, er, tablets ala the ten commandments, yet.) Ever read how a guy confessed but walked thanks to a judge’s ruling and wondered what the heck? Gave a politico a mental high-five for proposing one of those take that you filthy (criminal) animal laws and cussed the liberal commies on Tennessee’s high court for striking it down with nary a clue as to why? Enjoyed a dumb criminal story and went to bed assured you’d never be the dude who left his wallet behind at the crime scene?

“Well, then, you are going to love Lady Justice Unmasked because here you are going to find all the legal news, analysis, occasional rants and dumb criminal tales this country girl with a quarter century of legal and crime reporting can dish out.”

Check it out.