Beware bogus subscription renewal notices

Some News Sentinel customers have reported receiving bogus subscription renewal notices. Apparently this is part of a national scam. Here’s an explanation from the Newspaper Association of America:

Sample of bogus subscription renewal notice

Sample of bogus subscription renewal notice

“These notices falsely imply that they are sent on behalf of the named publication and falsely represent that the consumer is obtaining a favorable price. In reality, these notices are not authorized by the publications whose subscriptions are advertised, and often quote prices substantially higher the actual subscription price. Unfortunately, many consumers are taken in by these misleading notices and pay the excessive prices to the scammers. When they do, the scammers renew the consumer’s subscription with the newspaper and keep the substantial difference between the price they charged and the actual subscription price.

“The scammers appear to operate under more than 40 different names, which include Circulation Billing Services, Publishers Billing Emporium, Readers Payment Service, and Associated Publishers Network. In the recent cases that have come to our attention, the return address for the scammers has been in White City, Oregon, Henderson, Nevada; or Reno, Nevada. But there may be others perpetuating similar scams.”

Here’s how you can tell a News Sentinel bill is legit:
• Our Knoxville News Sentinel logo – lighthouse and our local address
• Your subscription frequency will be listed (what days receive the newspaper)
• You will have the ability to pay for 13-, 26- or 52-week billing terms
• Your payment is sent to our home office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Readers with questions should call: 865-521-8181.