New website up and running

Our new website launched about 5:30 p.m. today. So far, so good. No crashes!

The site has an entirely new look. For one thing, the black background that was so controversial when we launched our old version, is now gone. This is a standard black-type-on-white-background look, which I prefer.

A big difference is the site’s “responsive design,” which means the display adjusts to the device being used. There are desktop, tablet and smartphone presentations. The real benefit is on the smartphone, which, of course, is the most ubiquitous screen. The old mobile version of was pretty much just a list of headlines. This version is much more graphically rich.

The new site also combines our three websites:, and into one, although and will retain their domain names.

Just before the switch, I did a screen grab of the old site on my iPad, to save for posterity. It is displayed here, along with a very early display of the new site.

Old version of on July 22, 2014

Old version of site on July 22, 2014

New version of site on July 22, 2014

New version of site on July 22, 2014