‘Astro-Graph’ horoscope columnist retiring

Horrors! Our horoscope writer is retiring.

After more than four decades of star-gazing, Bernice Bede Osol, creator of the News Sentinel’s daily “Astro-Graph” column, will be looking at a different future.

Eugenia Last

Eugenia Last

This from the Universal Uclick syndicate’s announcement:

“For those of you keeping track, Osol’s career has seen two transits of Venus, approximately 112 solar eclipses and 104 lunar eclipses, the demotion of a planet and thousands upon thousands of celestial prognostications.”

Come June 9, the “Astro-Graph” column will be written by another legend among newspaper astrologers: Eugenia Last, author of the widely syndicated “Last Word in Astrology.”
In taking over “Astro-Graph,” Last will be applying her own approach to astrology, which she describes as “first a mathematical science and second an interpretive art.”