Google archive is trove of old newspaper editions

Google has redesigned its archive of old newspapers.  It isn’t a complete collection by any means, but there are hundreds of papers. You can select by title, scroll through the months, search within papers or check out specific dates.

News-Sentinel, but not Knoxville's, appears in Google archive, with 1942 edition categorized under 1912.

News-Sentinel, but not Knoxville’s, appears in Google archive, with 1942 edition categorized under 1912.

The “News-Sentinel” is one of the papers included, but it’s not the Knoxville News Sentinel. It’s a News-Sentinel from another city, and I noticed a problem with the archive when I was checking some of its pages. Editions published in the 1940s are archived in the 1910s because the “4” in the date on the nameplate came out looking like a “1” when it was scanned. So World War II is happening 30 years early.

Still, it’s an interesting collection.

The Knoxville News Sentinel’s archives exist on microfilm, and a vendor has scanned those pages. But they haven’t yet been put into a searchable database yet. I’m hopeful that will happen someday soon, and we’ll be able to offer the public easy access to our archives, which date back to the 1800s on the “Sentinel” side of our history.

One old Knoxville paper that is in the Google archive is the Knoxville Chronicle, which is where Adoph Ochs worked before he went on to purchase and run The New York Times.