Should we keep ‘Doonesbury’ in reruns again?

The “Doonesbury” comic strip is going into reruns again as its creator pursues a video project. Garry Trudeau took a leave last summer to work on the “Alpha House” comedy series. The show, produced by Amazon Studios, is about four GOP senators who share a house in Washington. Now Amazon has decided to produce another season, and Trudeau will be too busy to create daily “Doonesbury” strips. He will keep drawing Sunday strips, however.

DoonesburyThe syndicate that distributes the comic has come up with a plan for packaging the reruns. Instead of just selecting random “greatest hits,” Universal Press Syndicate will identify key historical events that have occurred since “Doonesbury” began in the early ‘70s, such as the Watergate break-in, and will distribute sequences of strips reacting to the news. It will be a sort history according to Garry Trudeau.

The change will be effective March 3. It’s uncertain when, or if, Trudeau, will return to daily cartooning. “There’s no way of knowing how many seasons of ‘Alpha House’ lie ahead,” he said. “I could be back drawing ‘Doonesbury’ full-time in the fall. In the meantime, I’m grateful for the forbearance and past support of our longtime newspaper clients, and hope that I’ll still be welcome in their pages when I return.”

So, should the News Sentinel continue with “Doonesbury Flashbacks?” Or should we look for a replacement strip, and if so, which one? “Candorville?” “Prickly City?” Something else?