Megan Venable takes over People and Parties column

The News Sentinel’s new party gal is Megan Venable. She took over the Sunday People & Parties column the first of the year. She’s making the scene at the fundraisers where the city’s movers, shakers and givers gather.

Megan Venable

Megan Venable

Megan is a Knoxville native with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communications from the University of Tennessee. Her current full-time gig is as special events coordinator for the UTK libraries. You may also know her as a regular in the Front Page Follies, or maybe even as the daughter of one Sam Venable, an old-timer known to spin a yarn or two in the News Sentinel these many years.

Megan is Tweeting about the society set, too, as @peopleparties.

“To say that I am flattered to follow in the footsteps of Barbara Aston-Wash and Gay Lyons as the News Sentinel’s People & Parties columnist is a tremendous understatement,” she wrote in her first column. “I am honored to continue the Knoxville tradition in chronicling the social activities and goings-on in the Knoxville community.”

So send her your invites. Megan wants to party.