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UT coverage expanding this season

Our Sports and Online departments have come up with some great new ideas for digital coverage of UT football this season. Here are new features readers will find on

Coach Butch Jones and the 2013 UT football team

Coach Butch Jones and the 2013 UT football team

Game Day Central – While fans are watching the game, they also can follow the commentary online. The News Sentinel’s sports staff will be live-blogging, with instant updates, photos, polls, social media reaction, and more.

GVX By the Numbers – Every Monday, beat writer Evan Woodbery will create the ultimate box score, analyzing the Vols’ performance by how the stats stack up. It’s coverage you can count on. (Get it?)

GVX Spotlight – On Tuesdays, Woodbery and sportswriter Brendan F. Quinn will break down the previous game and look ahead to the next during a roundtable show that that will include video highlights and interviews.

GVX Audio – Not able to tune live into the News Sentinel Sports Page on The Sports Animal (FM-99.1, AM-990)? No problem. GVX Audio will offer a daily podcast made up of highlights of the broadcast, including interviews with coaches and experts and insights from the GoVolsXtra staff.

Plus, we’ll have all our usual stuff, of course: photography, videography, columns and coverage throughout the week and peaking in our Game Day package every weekend.

News Sentinel launches digital subscriptions

Our paid-digital strategy got under way about 6 a.m. today. Here’s how it works:
If readers have print subscriptions — Sunday, weekend or daily — all they have to do is activate their accounts using a simple online form. Then they’ll have unlimited access to everything on our websites and apps.
Nonsubscribers still will have access to much of the News Sentinel’s digital content, including national and international news, traffic and weather reports and classified advertising, as well as any urgent bulletins and vital information involving public safety. But routine breaking news will be available to nonsubscribers only for a few hours.
Subscribers, on the other hand, will be able to see all of our content all of the time, including exclusive reports, feature stories, columns and commentary that won’t be accessible without a subscription. Also, only subscribers will be allowed to post comments on stories.
That caused a bit of a stir when I announced it in my Sunday column. Some regular commenters said they would give up the habit. But many others said they already were subscribers and would continue to comment, or they would sign up for our new digital-only subscriptions, which cost $11.99 a month and include access to all of our websites and apps.

Knoxville News Sentinel ad urging readers to activate online accounts.

Knoxville News Sentinel ad urging readers to activate online accounts.

There were several questions about how comments would be handled under the paid-digital model. Here are some answers:

  • Commenters still will be allowed to use pseudonyms as user names, but there will be only one login per subscription, so multiple user names will not be possible. Commenters will not have to make their identities public, but the News Sentinel will have a record of the subscriptions. Subscriber information is proprietary and the News Sentinel does not resell or otherwise share its subscriber list.
  • The newsroom will continue to monitor comments and delete inappropriate ones. We also will ban commenters who flagrantly violate our terms of use. They will then have to decide if they wish to continue their subscriptions. I expect very few paid subscribers to exhibit such behavior, however. Newsroom editors have met to discuss this issue and will be respectful of the fact that all commenters will be paying customers now.
  • Readers will not have to be subscribers to read comments, only to post them. Many stories will be available to nonsubscribers, some for a limited time and some just as they are now. The comments on those stories will likewise be accessible by nonsubscribers.

News Sentinel, UT publish ‘Butch’ book

The News Sentinel and the University of Tennessee School of Journalism and Electronic Media have collaborated to produce a book about Butch Jones’ first months on the job as football coach of the UT Vols.

Butch Jones book produced by News Sentinel and UT journalism students.

Butch Jones book produced by News Sentinel and UT journalism students.

“Butch: The First Year of the Butch Jones Era at the University of Tennessee” is available in three versions.
* The 89-page print edition, with more than 50 color photos, costs $19.99 and can be ordered from Amazon by going to
* The multimedia iPad edition — with more than a dozen videos, interactive trivia features, Twitter and Instagram links — is available for $7.99 in the iBookstore,
* A mostly text Kindle e-reader edition costs $4.99 and can be ordered at
UT and the News Sentinel are sharing the proceeds, but the newspaper will contribute its portion to journalism scholarships or internships.