Cleveland station partnering on Pilot story

Earlier today we posted a story reporting that Pilot Flying J is settling class action lawsuits that arose out of the company’s rebate scandal. Our initial posting was of a story from WEWS-TV in Cleveland, OH. Some readers quickly took us to task on that. The first two comments on the story were:

Pilot Flying J headquarters

Pilot Flying J headquarters in Knoxville, TN

“From FrankTheTank2012: ‘KNS once again gets its a– kicked on this story by not only another media outlet but one not even from around here.’
“From TheRoundMoundofSound:
‘Newsnet5 is a Scripps property. If KNS got it’s butt kicked, at least it was by a sibling.'”

RoundMound is correct. WEWS is a property of the E.W. Scripps Co., just as is the News Sentinel. In fact, its call letters derive from the E.W. Scripps name. But I’m not sure I can agree that we got our butts kicked by our sibling. The truth is, the News Sentinel and WEWS have been collaborating on coverage from the start. The Cleveland station is interested because of Jimmy Haslam’s ownership of the Browns, just as we are interested because of Pilot’s importance to Knoxville. Ron Regan, the station’s investigative reporter who is pursuing the story, was in Knoxville shortly after the April 15 raid. He has met with our staff and is in frequent communication with Tom Chester, our managing editor. We’ve provided tips and content to WEWS, and it has reciprocated.

In this case, Regan did get first word from one of his sources that a settlement was pending. He notified us, and we posted his initial story as soon as it was ready. We’ve since elaborated on the story, adding content that WEWS is using. We’re delighted to be working with our Cleveland sibling and believe the partnership is benefit both organization’s readers, viewers web visitors.