Response muted to comics changes

garfieldSo far there hasn’t been an overwhelming response to the changes in the comics pages announced Sunday. We replaced the long-running “Garfield” strip with the new “Take It From The Tinkersons” and brought back “Curtis” to take the place of “The Knight Life.”

“Garfield” has garnered the most reaction. Wrote one reader: “I read the comic section every day and Garfield is the one strip that always gives me laugh. Sure it’s corny, but that’s the point. I could name a half dozen others that could be replaced with the new strips (Rex Morgan and Sally Forth are a couple), but Garfield? I’m so disappointed.”

The feedback on the return of “Curtis” has been mostly positive, though one reader wrote: “While I do enjoy Curtis’ trips to the barber shop & his berating church ladies’ hats, much of the rest of the strip leaves me flat, compared to the truth & love contained in the “oddball creativity” of Keith Knight’s strip.”

We’ll continue to monitor the reaction for a few days.