Readers question Christian-Newsom sensitivity

On Monday, Jamie Satterfield wrapped up her remarkable coverage of the Channon Christian-Christopher Newsom case with a story that drew together the testimony of seven trials to paint as accurate a picture as possible of what actually happened to those two young people. The details were unsparingly grim, and naturally we received some criticism.
Carjack06_MP_t607.jpg“Your lack of sensitivity and compassion towards the Christian and Newsom families, by describing all the horrific details of what was done to those 2 young people, was by all measures needless and unwarranted!” wrote one reader. “My need to know what transpired that day DOES NOT override the feelings of those families.”
I appreciate this and other readers horror at the raw facts of the case, but the story was not written with any lack of compassion for the Christian and Newsom families. Several News Sentinel staff members have interacted with Channon and Christopher’s parents over the past several years, and some have dealt with them quite closely. The staff feels the deepest sympathy for these stricken people.
But the Christians and Newsoms have heard the outrageous details of the murders over and over and over again as they have sat through each and every trial. The horrific truths are not shocking to them, only to members of the public who have not been in the courtroom. In presenting readers with the unvarnished story, Satterfield and the News Sentinel intended no disrespect or insensitivity toward the families. On the contrary, we felt it was right that the scope of the nightmares they have endured should shared by all of us in the community.