April Fools ‘Jumble’ puzzle causes panic

jumble.jpgWe are getting a lot of calls from readers today upset that today’s Jumble puzzle includes this message: “Attention readers: After today Jumble will no longer be featured in newspapers.”
“I have been a subscriber for about 15 years,” said one woman. “Is it true the Jumble will be gone after today? Some days I don’t always get to read the newspaper, but I always do the puzzles. I would be very unhappy to see the Jumble puzzle gone.”
The answer to her question lies in the answer to the puzzle: Two words, five letters each, in quote marks. I don’t even have to do the puzzle to figure out the answer: “April Fools.”

3 thoughts on “April Fools ‘Jumble’ puzzle causes panic

  1. Linda Jatko

    Every morning I do the Jumble puzzle and I was horrified to see the message about it being the last day–until I solved the puzzle. They “got” me. I was so relieved. I do the puzzle to keep my mind active as my mother died of Alzheimer’d disease. Each day that I solve the puzzle my husband says that that day I don’t have to go to a “home”. Of course, he is kidding, but this is a daily morning ritual for us. Just to have fun and to make sure we are still firing on all cylinders. We are in our early 60’s and not retired. Thanks for keeping on. Roger and Linda J.

  2. Rose

    You guys do a great job. How do you keep coming up with such good jumbles? The April Fools was the best!

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