Hutch news is good news

No news is bad news in the newspaper business. So Tim Hutchison’s entry into the county mayor race is certainly good news. It would have been a shame to have had an uncontested contest for the office at the top of the local ticket in 2010.
As I wrote in a column a couple of months ago advocating a Tim-Tim race, a showdown between Burchett and Hutchison should provide a rich debate on the direction Knox County should take.
By the way, if I’d have been on the ball, I might have noticed that the domain name was registered last May. Unfortunately for Hutch, the shorter and are unavailable. They’re held by Fairbanks, Alaska, borough Mayor Garry Hutchison.
It will be interesting to see if our own Hutch runs against the News Sentinel as well as his fellow Tim. The former sheriff was often at odds with the newspaper during his days in office. He did not return a phone call seeking comment on our first story of this new campaign. I hope that’s not an omen.