News Sentinel endorsed Owings in 2008

It has cropped up in online comments and on this blog, so it’s probably worth clarifying.
The News Sentinel did not endorse Bill Lockett for law director in the 2008 election. Although John Owings was the newspaper’s opponent in the Sunshine Suit, our editorial board felt he was the best man for the job, and we endorsed him
Here’s an excerpt of what we published on Jan. 20, 2008:
“Owings represented the County Commission in the sunshine lawsuit that was decided in October, and although we were on opposite sides, we believe he maintained a sense of professionalism that earned him our respect and an endorsement for election in his own right.”

One thought on “News Sentinel endorsed Owings in 2008

  1. btwill

    Yes jack, you did endorse him and well you should have, after all with his tantrum and red face single handedly forcing cc to change a recorded vote against nrr to a vote in favor of nrr (nrr the scandal that even now smells up our senators). Also the summation he gave at the end of the trial (of breaking the sunshine law by ccs ) would make a first year law student blush in embarrassment. He knew he was destroying certain political figures with kns blessing, so you should have endorsed him! He didn’t think these same folks he was destroying had enough friends left to take him down, but he was wrong just as kns is wrong and it is showing in your subscriber base. bruce

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