News Sentinel changing the changes

One great thing about the newspaper business is that, if things don’t go right one day, you get to try again the next.
Lately, budgetary concerns have forced the paper to make some tough choices. In some instances, content has been cut back or moved. The reaction from readers has been vociferous. Which points to another great thing about our business: People are passionate about what we produce.
Anyway, starting Monday, we’ll be making some changes to the changes in reaction to reader reaction. (Get that?)
* Many readers were upset with the reduction in stock listings, but many said they’d be happy if they could at least check stock prices once a week. Starting Saturday, we’ll again provide comprehensive listings of how stocks and mutual funds did during the week. We’ll also boost the daily listings to include some widely held and heavily traded stocks.
* Other readers were concerned about the elimination of features sections and the location of comics and puzzles. Starting this week, our new Get Active section will shift to Friday. On Saturdays, we’ll restore the Faith & Family section, and a week from Monday, readers will find a brand new section dedicated to personal finance and smart shopping. These changes mean the comics, puzzles, TV listings and advice columns no longer will appear in the Sports or Preview sections.
* The loss of celebrity news on A2 disturbed several readers. Starting Monday, they again will find Hollywood gossip items on Page A2 along with a list of celebrity birthdays. Columnist Terry Morrow will continue to put a local spin on tinseltown news on the TV page as well.
* Finally, readers were disturbed by the combination of local and wire news in the “A” section. We’ll be addressing confusion there by limiting the number of the stories that “jump” from one page to another and by taking steps to assure that the obituaries rarely, if ever, run across several pages.