Case for gradual conversion to online

Jim Roberts, digital news editor at The New York Times, makes a case for a gradual shift from print to online emphasis. The drivers he cites are nearly identical to what we have seen at the News Sentinel: creation of a continuous news desk, experimentation with new tools, demonstration of the power of online storytelling and reliance on the staff’s intelligence and competitive spirit.
He talks about “planting” multimedia editors in the various news desks. We haven’t done that yet. Our online news department has operated as a separate, and highly creative, unit. But we are looking at a new structure that might “embed” some online editors amongst the editors who still are largely focused on the print product.

One thought on “Case for gradual conversion to online

  1. Ernest Norsworthy

    Remember the story about the wooden spoke wheel craftsman? A Luddite was he and he wound up making toothpicks (hypothetically). It is unimaginable to me that the Old Gray Lady would gradually succumb to anything so “digital”, so “onlineish”. Particularly gradually.
    Sorry, her ashes first must be strewn about Times Square with a RIP atop the building.
    It reminds me of the way TVA talks about eventual deregulation of electricity. Talk, talk, talk, talk, garrulous, meaaningless talk.
    Trying to emulate the NYT model for conversion into the computer age is akin to making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
    It’s a Phoenix we’re looking for, not old toothpick makers.
    Try again McElroy, be your own model, unique in the marketplace and listen a whole lot more to your readers.
    Here’s an old but successful way to grab readers (i.e., to get them near some advertising copy); do some hard-nosed, down in the trenches investigative reporting. Do you have anyone on your staff who can do that anymore?
    Your readers will respect you more, will buy more from your advertisers (who will buy more advertising) and both will appreciate your courageousness.
    Be the fox in the hen house and expose the TVA for what it is. Hey, I can even help a bit on that.
    Emulate a younger Munger.
    Ernest Norsworthy

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