Smaller pages off to good start

Feedback has been fairly positive after our first day of publishing 11-inch-wide pages. Only area of concern so far has been the comics pages, which we had to squeeze. Readability remains an issue we’ll be monitoring.
One question we’re wrestling with is whether to take the B-section up to 10 pages on a regular basis. We have plans for expanding our regional coverage in the next month or so, and the section will almost surely have to increase in size when we do that. But right now, a 10-page section creates more space than we can easily fill day in and day out, while an eight-page section is pretty snug.

3 thoughts on “Smaller pages off to good start


    Then I must be in the minority. I prefer the larger pages. The new page size just doesn’t feel like a newspaper. It just doesn’t feel right in my hands. That makes two changes recently I haven’t liked about the paper (dropping the weekly TV listing being the other). Guess the editorial page will be the next to go, since I see no ads on that page.

  2. Kathie Murphy

    I understand your need to reduce printing costs in going to an 11-inch paper. However, despite your award-winning features, photography and scintillating editorials, the first section my husband and I go for in the morning are the puzzles. I make a copy every day for the two of us, and since your new size has also reduced the puzzles to an almost infintesimal speck, we can’t see the squares and don’t have space to make notes. You’ve done Suduko, right? You have to make notes. We haven’t been happy. We are both old and arthritic and would like to see the puzzles expanded to their former glorious size, even at the cost of putting them on separate pages. Thank you.

  3. ck

    probably picked the wrong blog to bring this up, but i remember an article not too long ago about the state having plenty of money

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