Dead wood?

How dead are the dead-wood media, the old ink-on-paper dinosaurs of the communications ecosystem? There’s no question that newspapers are facing unprecedented challenges. But reports of our demise may be a bit premature.
An article making the rounds from Presstime magazine, the publication of the Newspaper Association of America, argues that the print media are alive and pretty darn healthy. Sixty percent of ad spending last year was on old-fashioned printed images, 27 percent went to television and radio, and the “new media” of cable and Internet captured 13 percent.
Now, it would be the height of folly to suggest that newspapers don’t face significant changes. But Wednesday is my birthday — my 53rd — and I have some hope of making it to retirement — at least if I keep on blogging. .

One thought on “Dead wood?

  1. Laura

    Happy Birth Day Jack!
    And, I love the snap of the paper when you turn the page, internet cant duplicate that sound.

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