Touching lives

One of the great things about being a newspaper editor is the range of issues you confront. One minute you might be discussing the presentation of great, global matters, and the next you are dealing with the handling of fractions in cookie recipes.
Often the real pleasure comes from the small things. A few days ago I got this message from a reader whose parents’ lives were touched by a photo that appeared 60 years ago. In the midst of furor over war and peace, East and West, liberal and conservative, it’s nice to remember how the News Sentinel matters to folks in very personal ways, too.
“Have been going through old photos with my parents, and we came across two from 1946, when the Knoxville News-Sentinel very kindly ran an article to help my parents find an apartment here in town. One of the photos show my parents holding the paper. Thought you might enjoy looking. You can see it here:”
In the News-Sentinel - 1946
Thanks for the kind words. On behalf of my predecessors, I’m glad we could help.