Standing on the Readers Corner

We’re trying something new in the paper. Starting today, there’s a bit of space at the bottom of Page A2 labelled Readers Corner. Here we’ll be featuring comments from readers about the News Sentinel: good, bad and ugly.
I’m selecting the items myself, for the time being, from the steady flow of mail and e-mail we get. I’ll mostly be looking for comments about the paper in general or about particular policies and editorial judgments. I don’t consider this the place to single out the work of individual staff members for criticism, although general remarks about some of our high profile writers and editors might be allowed.
We’ll also use the space to announce changes in the newspaper, and, from time to time, I may respond to particular issues there. Occasionally, I may lift comments from this blog to use there, too.
Readers Corner won’t be as intereactive as “The Upfront Page.” But it is sort of a print extension of the concept, and I invite all readers to offer contributions to either forum.