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Using Youtube to admit to killing somone

The above video went viral over the weekend after it was posted by Matthew Cordle of Ohio.  In it Cordle admits to causing a fatal accident while behind the wheel intoxicated.

The 22 year old was indicted by a grand jury for causing the death of a 61 year old man on June 22In the video Cordle says when the time comes he will plead guilty adding that he takes full responsibility for his actions.

The video ends with Cordle pleading to viewers to never drink and drive.

Reaction appears to be mixed, some of the comments on Youtube praise him for taking responsibility for the accident — others accuse Cordle of trying to get a lighter sentence.

Getting serious about Twitter (maybe?)

Knoxville has a pretty active twittersphere amongst media folks.

screenIn fact, last night at a little get together at “Intro to Knoxville” I was asked why I’m not more active on this 140 characters only form of communication.

That’s a good question.

What would I tweet, what should I tweet?  I’m pretty sure the lovely citizens of Knoxville really don’t care what I’ve had for breakfast or my thoughts on which bar to head to Friday night.

I could tweet more about the neighborhood I live in (Old City).

I could tweet more about the industry I work in.

I could tweet … … …

So I begin this grand experiment with no action plan.  Perhaps taking the “go with the flow” organic approach is best.

There’s always a fail safe, I could just tweet out links like this:  Putin Draws Picture of Cat’s Behind During School Visit

Reporting on death 140 characters at a time

When you think about it, 140 characters really isn’t enough space to convey a story. How can you put forth emotion, drama and depth when you’re restricted so much?

NPR’s Scott Simon may have found the way to do just that.  He is live tweeting, yes live tweeting, the death of his mother.

His tweets speak for themselves and are a great reminder that everyone has a story to tell even at the very end.

You can follow his tweets here.