Getting serious about Twitter (maybe?)

Knoxville has a pretty active twittersphere amongst media folks.

screenIn fact, last night at a little get together at “Intro to Knoxville” I was asked why I’m not more active on this 140 characters only form of communication.

That’s a good question.

What would I tweet, what should I tweet?  I’m pretty sure the lovely citizens of Knoxville really don’t care what I’ve had for breakfast or my thoughts on which bar to head to Friday night.

I could tweet more about the neighborhood I live in (Old City).

I could tweet more about the industry I work in.

I could tweet … … …

So I begin this grand experiment with no action plan.  Perhaps taking the “go with the flow” organic approach is best.

There’s always a fail safe, I could just tweet out links like this:  Putin Draws Picture of Cat’s Behind During School Visit