Butch: The First Year of the Butch Jones Era

Coming from a television background one of the more interesting aspects about creating an iBook is the fact that they let you create a video to front the presentation. I created the following video below for our new book on Butch Jones.

The book is being published as a print-on-demand paperback, an interactive iBook and a Kindle e-reader edition.

The 89-page print edition with more than 50 color photos can be ordered for $19.99 at www.createspace.com/4404518 or by searching on Amazon.com.

The 124-page iPad edition — which also includes more than a dozen videos, interactive trivia features, and Twitter and Instagram connections — can be ordered for $7.99 from the iBooks store.

The mostly text e-reader edition can be ordered for $4.99 from Amazon’s Kindle eBooks store.

Proceeds are being split between the newspaper and the school, but the News Sentinel will contribute its share to journalism scholarships or internships.