Internet and print, the #2 and #3 sources for news

According to a new poll just released by Gallup, when it comes to where Americans get their news the Internet and newspapers are the country’s number two and three top choices.  Television, however, remains the dominant medium for news consumption in the US.

In this day and age where the line has blurred between newspapers’ digital and print operations the takeaway here is that we have more than a third of America’s attention.

Interestingly, with much emphasis placed on social media it appears only 2 percent of those polled cite sites such as Facebook or Twitter as news sources

The vast majority of those citing the Internet — 18% of all Americans — either mention the Internet generally or say they get their news “online.” Two percent identify Facebook, Twitter, or social media as their source, while 1% mention a specific online news site.

Digging into the data you’ll find that newspapers are in a unique position.  On one hand we have an older audience nearly exclusively reading our print product — but on the other hand we have a much younger audience nearly exclusively reading our digital product.

Younger Americans seek out Internet news more than other age groups, and highly educated Americans tend more than other groups to get their news the old-fashioned way, reading a newspaper or magazine.

Here at the News Sentinel the reporting is the same on both platforms, just the delivery mechanism is different and the same can be said at other papers across the country.  So, in other words, it’s not newspapers’ reporting that’s turning people off of the print product, it’s the delivery method.

The study does conclude:

Americans have an abundance of sources at their disposal for acquiring news, and accordingly, Gallup received various answers when asking respondents what they consider to be their main source. Still, the television medium leads all others, and by a wide margin over the Internet, while print and radio lag well behind. This does not mean Americans get no news from print, radio, or to a lesser degree the Internet; just that relatively few see these as their main source.

You can read the entire summary of the poll here:

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