The truth behind Knoxville being the most patriotic city

flag_worlds_fair 10.19.33 PM

A lot of people were scratching their heads over a USA Today article that came out this week listing Knoxville as the most patriotic city in the US.

I have a different takeaway from the article, for me it means Knoxville is the top place in the US for people to check-in to parks on Foursquare.  From the article:

[Foursquare]  found that residents of these cities were most likely to check in at parks, parades and fireworks celebrations.

Yes, Knoxville is a patriotic city with Old Glory flying up and down Gay Street and the massive American flag on display over Market Square and World’s Fair Park.  But the takeaway here is that this is a slightly arbitrary list compiled by a social media company trying to create buzz for its product.  In other words, this list was meant to create buzz and it achieved just that.

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