Sounds like Summitt to me

I typically don’t like to offer personal anecdotes in this space, but I’ll share one from last week regarding Holly Warlick.

The Tennessee women’s basketball coach walked into the interview last Sunday following an unsatisfying 64-56 victory at Florida and noted that I taken two days of vacation during UT’s bye week.

“Just like we did in the first half,” Warlick said.

The timing and nature of the comment amounted to a good impression of her former boss, Pat Summitt. It was good enough to draw a hearty laugh from me.

Warlick is bound to be a lot like Summitt. How could she not be, having played for her for four years and then served as her assistant for 27 more years. But similarities like last Sunday’s good humor aren’t for regular public consumption.

Warlick probably does that Summitt impression more in private.  She blistered her team in the locker room at Florida and then put them through two tough practices before Thursday’s game at Ole Miss.

The Lady Vols came to the interview room after an impressive 69-49 victory over the Rebels and sounded like their coach, even employing the very words Warlick uses.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — regardless of setting or circumstances.