Take time to make time

Tennessee altered its women’s basketball practice schedule this week and devoted more time to shooting.

There’s not enough time in any practice week, though, to do justice to this important skill. Therefore, it behooves the players to make time for more shots.

Lady Vols assistant coach Dean Lockwood estimated that a player would be fortunate to get more than 60 extra shots during the course of most practices.  But an extra half hour in the gym might quadruple that number.

“If you go in the gym and get a teammate with you, a coach with you, say you get two or three of you together with two balls,” Lockwood said, “I’ve done it where you can easily get 250 to 300 shots in about 30 minutes.”

Two such sessions per week could translate into 500-600 extra shots, not to mention added confidence and consistency.

The view from my seat is that the Lady Vols’ confidence in their shooting will be the most important variable in their success this season. Think the view from the bench is becoming similar.

Regarding extra shooting, Lockwood said: “I hope our elder statesmen — our seniors and juniors — will lead in this area. We have to develop the work ethic and also the understanding that that has tremendous value.”