A puncher’s chance

A question-and-answer profile of Tennessee redshirt freshman Jannah Tucker in Sunday’s editions of the News Sentinel and online at govolsxtra.com will chronicle her family’s affinity for basketball.

Turns out Tucker’s father, Robert, also has a background in boxing.

“We were in the weight room one day and he started hitting this speed bag and I was amazed,” Tucker said. “He showed me and I struggled. I could not do it. I don’t know what it was. I couldn’t hit it past two times.”

Father and daughter kept at it and the daughter’s arms burned. The eventually moved on to footwork and other maneuvers associated with father’s other sport. And so it began …

Tucker eventually realized that they were working their way back toward basketball with such workouts. She became adept enough to forge a useful correlation between the two.

“For instance, shooting,” she said. “You have to bring the ball up when you shoot. If you can bring the recoil up quicker, it makes your shot quicker.

“So having hands up there all the time built up strength in my shoulders and arms. So that way I could rip the ball up quicker and with my feet I got quicker.”