Monthly Archives: January 2011

More on coaching the Lady Vols

Watching the Tennessee women’s basketball coaches work with the Lady Vols this season has been interesting viewing — for myself and a few other that is. This backstory has played out primarily in the relative privacy of daily practice and team video sessions.
Ultimately the players’ ability to understand and appreciate the coaches’ appproach will be as important as the approach itself.

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Sunday second thoughts

What’s rolling around in my head after Tennessee’s 86-46 demolition of Ole Miss:
— Thursday’s rout of Alabama inspired one emailer to bemoan the entire sad state of women’s basketball. After Sunday, I’m wondering about the state of the SEC. But I’m just wondering. There are plenty of games left, especially road games.

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Second thoughts on Sunday

With each passing game, I can’t help but think this might be the most interesting Tennessee women’s basketball team I’ve ever covered.
The sentiment can be a compliment or a criticism — even within the course of the same game. Take Sunday’s 73-65 victory at LSU. Tennessee’s top three scorers — Meighan Simmons, Shekinna Stricklen and Angie Bjorklund — get in early foul trouble and aren’t really much of a factor. How can that happen in a game this important and against a formidable opponent?

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