Can’t get the jump on Johnson

Tennessee’s Glory Johnson has never been hurting for hops.
But her women’s basketball flight pattern — even judging by her lofty standards — seems to be at another level.

The word “wow” came to mind several times Friday night in watching the 6-foot-3 junior gather a career-high 18 rebounds, a total that even blew her mind.
“That’s what Pat relies on me for, to rebound and play defense,” Johnson said afterward. “That’s what she wants me to do.”
Johnson also scored a team-high 15 points in completing her second double-double for points and rebounds in the past three games. Tennessee will take the points but the rebounds should be the highest priority for Johnson. With each passing game, it’s becoming more apparent that Tennessee has enough scorers to forgo relying solely on any one scorer. Senior guard Angie Bjorklund hasn’t scored more than seven points in any of the last three games. How many of you noticed?
Rebounds equal possessions and this team is playing like it craves possessions. The more the better and nobody is gathering rebounds better than Johnson right now.
Final thought: The multiple power outages at Friday’s game were unsettling but the locals just rolled with them. If the power doesn’t come back, the sun eventually comes up. Perhaps I should suggest that as an island proverb.

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