What a start for Simmons

Meighan Simmons has wasted no time in expanding his storyline.
While the discussion continues as to whether Tennessee’s freshman guard is the quickest player in program history — another installment ensued after Monday night’s 103-43 victory over Chattanooga — the conversation now includes how fearless she is.

Her confidence also was drawing praise after the 5-foot-9 sharpshooter scored a game-high 26 points on 10-for-16 shooting from the floor.It was an impressive encore to her 22-point showing at Louisville last Friday. In just two games, Simmons has gravitated to the starting lineup and a starring role on a team with considerable depth and experience.
It’s going to be interesting to see how this saga continues. Simmons is sure to be the focal point of opponent’s scouting reports, beginning Thursday night against Virginia. And she’s bound to have some freshman moments. She can’t be an All-American every night. Can she?
Simmons has two things working in her favor. First, her scoring hasn’t come at the expense of her defense. She’s scoring points with UT coach Pat Summitt with her play at the other end of the court. And she’s bound to get better with experience, particularly at stealing cross-court passes.
Second, her ability to create a shot for herself — either off the dribble or with a pull-up move — makes her tough to stop, no matter how much attention she draws. She has to guard against falling in love with the 3-point shot or forcing the issue.

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