Taking their full measure

The battle of the sexes continues during Tennessee women’s basketball practices.
This season’s male practice squad has been taking the full competitive measure of the Lady Vols on most days. Some early concerns about overly physical play have been addressed without inhibiting the guys’ aggressiveness. Their quickness and athleticism have been disruptive and contributed to some spirited scrimmage sessions.

“These guys are really good,” UT coach Pat Summitt said. “It’s really one of the best groups we’ve had.”
It’s a tribute to them that Summitt hasn’t been apoplectic over the turnovers they help cause.
“You don’t like it, but these guys you really have to take care of the ball or they’re going to expose you,” she said. “And so a lot of people have been exposed.”
As for other practice matters:
— The Lady Vols have been expanding on their defensive schemes and are working a lot on trapping.
— With UT shorthanded in the post, at least early in the season, Summitt said that forwards Alicia Manning and Taber Spani likely will play together at some point.
— Sounds like freshman Meighan Simmons will be getting special treatment at point guard. Summitt discussed the matter with her staff Wednesday and said, “I think we have to get her a package together. She can help us there.”
Sounds like football. May I suggest a name for the package of plays: The Mei-gun.
Just a thought.

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