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‘First bite’ at K-27

k27pictureWorkers will take the “first bite” out of the K-27 building on Monday morning, setting the stage for a year-long project to demolish the big building — the last of five gaseous diffusion facilities at what once was the nation’s largest uranium-enrichment complex.

The Department of Energy and its Oak Ridge cleanup manager, URS-CH2M Oak Ridge, will host a ceremony to mark the beginning of the end at K-27. The demolition project is estimated to cost about $292 million, including the preparations that have taken place over the past year. Continue reading

Planning the Manhattan Project Park’s future

IMG_5311The Manhattan Project National Historical Park was officially created on Nov. 10, 2015, when Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewel put their signatures on the memorandum of agreement. The MOA directed how the two agencies would work together to develop the three-site national park.

Even though the park already exists, it’s still a long way from being what it will become. Those plans are just getting started, and that was the topic of a public meeting Monday evening and a flurry of activities by park leaders — including Tracy Atkins, who was named the park’s interim superintendent earlier this week.

IMG_5319“We’re working on our Foundation Document,” Atkins said Monday evening at a public meeting at Oak Ridge High School’s Food Court. That document will lay the foundation for the multiple layers of planning — identifying the park’s purpose, its significance and what should be included in the multi-site park.

The National Park Service urged those who turned out for the meeting to fill out comment cards and share their thoughts and suggestions about what’s important, which may influence the way the Manhattan Project is interpreted at the sites.

“What are the important stories from Oak Ridge that will feed into our interpretive theme?” Atkins asked. “What are those things that are important to protect? And then what experiences would people like to have in the park long-term?” Continue reading

Atkins named park’s interim superintendent

IMG_5304-001Tracy Atkins, who has served as the National Park Service’s project manager for the Manhattan Project National Historic Park, was named this week to serve as the newly created park’s interim superintendent. She will be based at the Park Service’s complex in Denver, Colo. Atkins said she expects that a permanent superintendent will be named this summer. (KNS photo/Munger)

Delivering input on the Manhattan Project Park

IMG_5311A pretty big crowd showed up Monday evening to provide their input on planning for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. The National Park Service and the U.S. Department of Energy, partners in developing the park, sponsored the meeting at Oak Ridge High School’s Food Court. Participants were asked to provide written comments about their priorities for the park, what they’d like to see, etc.  The park was officially created in November, and Tracy Atkins, the acting superintendent of the park, was on hand and spoke to the group. Members of the team are in Oak Ridge for a couple of days this week and then they’ll travel west to hold similar meetings at the park’s other two sites — Los Alamos, N.M, and Hanford, Wash. (KNS photo/Munger)

Public meeting on Manhattan Project Park

graphitereactor.jpgThe National Park Service and the Department of Energy will hold a public meeting in Oak Ridge on Monday (Feb. 1) to get input on planning for the Manhattan Project National HIstorical Park. The public meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Food Court of Oak Ridge High School.

Oak Ridge is one of three Manhattan Project sites hosting the national park, and public meetings will be held later this month at the other sites, Hanford, Wash., and Los Alamos, N.M. Continue reading

The war to end all wars was over, and it was time to drink beer and stack the cans

23767395303_266e639a15_k (1)

The date was Oct. 11, 1946, a year after the atomic bombs were dropped and the war was won, and the Oak Ridge mood was pretty relaxed. M.P.’s were putting nickels in the juke box in the Club Room, drinking beers and stacking the cans as high they could get them. (Department of Energy archives/Ed Westcott photo)

Manhattan Project National Park news

9731An earlier meeting for people interested in becoming Oak Ridge volunteers for the Manhattan Project National Laboratory has been reset for 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Midtown Community Center in Oak Ridge.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service and the Department of Energy are planning public meetings in the near future at each of the three park sites — Oak Ridge; Los Alamos, N.M., and Hanford, Wash. — to get input on plans for the park’s future. Continue reading