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EnergySolutions decision may derail Secret City rail trips

railIt looks like the Secret City Excursion Train, an Oak Ridge tourist attraction, may be derailed.

The owner of the rail line — Utah-based EnergySolutions — said Thursday it will no longer allow passenger traffic because of liability concerns. The change is effective May 31.

For the past seven years, EnergySolutions has allowed the Southern Appalachian Railroad Museum, a nonprofit entity that sponsors the Secret City Excursions, to use the Heritage Railroad short line at no cost. Continue reading

Y-12 completes waste milestone 2 years ahead of schedule

y12signThe government announced Monday that the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge had completed the disposal of 2,247 containers of so-called mixed waste – containing both radioactive materials and hazardous chemicals – more than two years ahead of schedule.

The federal plant was required to get rid of the stored wastes by September 2018 under terms of a commissioner’s order from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. The mandate is part of an agreed-upon Site Treatment Plan for dealing with legacy wastes generated decades ago by facilities on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge reservation.

According to the announcement by the National Nuclear Security Administration, most of the wastes were shipped to EnergySolutions’ disposal facility near Clive, Utah. The other containers were sent to the Nevada National Security Site for burial. Continue reading

Overturned rad truck was bound for Oak Ridge

energysolutions-thumb-390x218-23989.jpgA truck that overturned and temporarily shut down a section of Interstate 81 in Maryland was hauling “radioactive cleaning suits” from the Three Mile Island power plant and was bound for EnergySolutions’ waste-processing facililty in Oak Ridge.

The Associated Press, citing a release from the Maryland State Police, reported that I-81 in western Maryland was reopened late Wednesday following the accident. There was a four-hour cleanup operation at the site, AP stated. Continue reading

EnergySolutions sells piece of its business to Atkins

energysolutionslogo1EnergySolutions and WS Atkins today announced a “definitive agreement” in which EnergySolutions will sell its Projects, Products and Technology Division to the UK-based company. According to the release from EnergySolutions, Atkins will pay $318 million for the business and hire about 650 EnergySolutions employees. Atkins said the deal would accelerate the company’s global nuclear strategy.

Asked if any of the company’s Oak Ridge assets were part of the deal, EnergySolutions spokesman Mark Walker said via email: Continue reading