Tennessee shares in DOE’s nuke technology awards

hfirA look at the core of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s High Flux Isotope Reactor. (ORNL photo)

State of Tennessee institutions received almost $3 million in funds out of the $82 million the Department of Energy awarded today for development of advanced nuclear technologies.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory received about $1.7 million for a variety of projects, including some work related to nuclear reactor fuels. The University of Tennessee is supposed to get about $1.1 million, which includes money for 15 scholarships, two fellowships and funds for a research project.

Others awards to Tennessee included $155,000 to Vanderbilt, which will use the money for one fellowship and work on an R&D project to be performed at the Gamma Irradiation Facility at an ORNL reactor. Tennessee Tech is supposed to get $7,500 as part of the university scholarship program.

In making the announcement of today’s awards, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said, “Nuclear power is our nation’s largest source of low-carbon electricity and is a vital component in our efforts to both provide affordable and reliable electricity and to combat climate change. These awards will help scientists and engineers as they continue to innovate with advanced nuclear technologies.”

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