NNSA releases RFP for Sandia contract

The National Nuclear Security Administration today released its request for proposals for the management contract for Sandia National Laboratories.

Sandia National Labs is currently managed by Sandia Corp., a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. Sandia includes sites at Albuquerque, N.M.,; Livermore, Calif.; Kauai, Hawaii; Amarillo, Texas; and Tonopah, Nevada. The current contract has been extended until April 30, 2017, to allow time for the contract competition.

The labs currently have about 10,000 employees and a total annual budget of about $2.88 billion.

“The principal mission of SNL is to be the Nation’s premier science and engineering laboratories for national security and technology innovation related to nuclear weapons; defense systems and assessments; energy and climate; and international, homeland and nuclear security,” the announcement stated.

“The contractor will be required to provide the intellectual leadership and management expertise necessary and appropriate to manage, operate, and staff the laboratories and to accomplish the missions assigned by NNSA.”

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