UCOR announces mini-grant winners

Ken Rueter, president of UCOR.URS-CH2M Oak Ridge, the Department of Energy’s cleanup manager in Oak Ridge, announced 20 winners in the ongoing mini-grant program that supports educational initiatives in local schools.

UCOR President Ken Rueter called the education program a “difference maker” that helps teachers and students and the community.

Here are the winning projects selected for funding in 2016:

1. “Class Set of TI30XS Calculators” — Caitlin Westbrooks of Ridge View Elementary School
2. “Interactive Garden” — Amy O’Hara of Dutch Valley Elementary
3. “RoboSTARS” — Anne Harvey of North Middle School
4. “STEM with plants (Beginning Botany)” — Amber Young of North Middle School
5. “Creating Dynamic Maps” — Brian Smith, Jefferson Middle School
6. “To the OSMO and Beyond” — Annette Tullock and Tambra Sweet of Dyllis Springs Elementary
7. “Creating a STEAM Makerspace in the Library” — Lana Foster of Cherokee Middle School
8. “STEM+ART=STEAM (Fun Learning!)” — Timmie Brannon of Eaton Elementary School
9. “Seeing It All With Binocular Dissecting Microscope” — Bryan Freeman and Nicole Patalano of Clinton Middle School
10. “Probes and Calculators for STEM Projects” — Tara England, Cameron Bruse, and Tabitha Gunnels of Sunbright
11. “Using Knex to Learn about Energy, Forces, and Motion”  Deanna Blackburn of Norris Middle School
12. “The Sky is the Limit” — Kathryn Cardwell of Crossroads Christian Academy
13. “Building a Functioning Science Lab” — Kathy Heineken of Crossroads Christian Academy
14. “Acid and Bases” – Matthew Jones of Rockwood Middle School
15. “Stream Health Project” — Michael Holden of Norwood Middle School
16. “Fast Plants: Scientific Inquiry Projects” —  Paula S. Deaver of Norris Middle School
17. “Listen Up, Kindergarten” — Jessica Bray and Christy Hicks of Grand Oaks Elementary School
18. “Can You Feel It In the Air Tonight?” — Cristen Holden of Clinton Middle School
19. “Exploring Through Play” — Sally Suttle and Shasta Gilliam of Grand Oaks Elementary school
20. “Solar Charging Station for School Golf Cart” — Riley Sain of Clinton High School

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