New Advisory Board on Worker Health; first meeting set for April 26-28 in Washington

The newly named Advisory Board on Toxic Substances and Worker Health will advise the Secretary of Labor on technical issues pertaining to the government’s compensation program for sick nuclear workers.

Garry Whitley, former president of the Atomic Trades and Labor Council in Oak Ridge, has been named a board member representing the claimant community. The advisory board’s first meeting is scheduled for April 26-28 in Washington, D.C., and it will be open to the public.

Here’s the full list of board members:

Scientific Community:
John M. Dement, Ph.D, CIH, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Duke University Medical Center
Mark Griffon, Retired, Creative Pollution Solutions, Inc.
Kenneth Z. Silver, D.Sc., S.M., East Tennessee State University
George Friedman-Jimenez, MD, Dr.Ph., Bellevue Hospital Center, NYU School of Medicine
Leslie I. Boden, Ph.D, Department of Environmental Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Medical Community:
CHAIR: Steven Markowitz, MD. Dr.Ph., Queens College, CUNY School of Public Health
Laura S. Welch, MD, Center for Construction Research and Training
Rosemary K. Sokas, MD, MPH, M.Sc., Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies
Carrie A. Redlich, MD, MPH, Yale School of Medicine
Victoria A. Cassano, MD, MPH, Performance Medicine Consulting

Claimant community:
Duronda M. Pope, United Steelworkers
Kirk D. Domina, Hanford Atomic Metal Trades Council
Garry M. Whitley, Worker Health Protection Program, Atomic Trades and Labor Council
James H. Turner, Retired, Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility
Faye Vlieger, Claimant Advocate; Chair, DEEOIC Interim Advisory Board (DIAB)(volunteer organization)

Terrie Barrie of the Alliance of Nuclear Worker Advocacy Groups, which pushed for formation of the new advisory panel, hailed the announcement.

“What a great selection of highly qualified people to serve on the Board!” she wrote in an email message to advocates and stakeholders.

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