DOE warns of traffic-clogging shipments

switchyardThe Department of Energy said three slow-moving shipments of oversized components over the next couple of weeks could clog traffic on Highways 58 and 95. The shipments involve large condensers — each weighing about 110 tons — from an old electrical switchyard at the East Tennessee Technology Park. They are being transported to a landfill off Bethel Valley Road on DOE’s Oak Ridge Reservation.

The shipments are scheduled to occur beginning March 10, depending on the weather.

“Each condenser will require a separate shipment, and these shipments are scheduled to occur every 3-4 days depending on weather conditions,” DOE said in announcing the project.

While on public highways, the shipments from the K-732 Switchyard will be escorted by Oak Ridge police for safety and traffic control, DOE said.

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