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Basic RGBThere still aren’t a lot of details about the hiring campaign at Consolidated Nuclear Security, the government’s managing contractor at the Y-12 and Pantex nuclear weapons plants, but CNS today released some additional information.

At this point, it appears that most of the hiring taking place at Y-12 involves salaried positions, weekly and monthly paid, and Y-12 is seeking employees who already have “L” or “Q” clearances with the Department of Energy or a Department of Defense security clearance.

Y-12 spokeswoman Ellen Boatner said the hiring taking place at the Oak Ridge plant includes these job areas: “information technology, cyber security, metrology, project management and electrical, mechanical, nuclear and fire-protection engineering.”

Because of the ready need for security clearances for these positions, Y-12 is reportedly targeting advertising at such as places at Piketon, Ohio — where Centrus is laying off workers associated with the American Centrifuge uranium-enrichment program — and military bases.

The contractor indicated that more information will be forthcoming on the job openings at Y-12 and Pantex. The hiring situation at Pantex reportedly involves more hourly positions, but still waiting on more confirmation on the job numbers and types of positions available.

As regards the contractor’s temporary suspension of internal job transfers while focusing on the external hiring effort, CNS emphasized that the contractor would not break any union rules.

“All agreements contained in our collective bargaining agreements will be followed during this transfer suspension,” CNS said in a message to employees.

CNS has stated that it plans to hire about 300 employees in the next three months, and has an overall goal of hiring about 1,100 new employees in FY 2016. Some of those hirings have already taken place, although the exact totals aren’t yet available.

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